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Here at Maple Leaf Foods we take a proactive approach regarding our Health and Safety of our employees. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle from all aspects of their lives. When hearing from our employees of the need or want to "butt out" I decided to do some investigations on your program that you offer. I liked that you were able to accommodate our people by bringing your team to us.


Thank you for coming to our facility here at the St. Marys plant on August 18, 2006. We had 16 employees/spouses participate in your "smoking cessation program". Your team was professional and knowledgeable when you provided your services. I will definitely recommend your program to our other plants and any other group that we network with.



S. Robinson

Plant Nurse

Maple Leaf Foods

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To Whom It May Concern:


When Laser Concept Therapy contacted my company to request a reference letter, I jumped at the chance to share our positive experience with others.


With evidence of past success from within our staff using the laser therapy for smoking cessation, we coordinated with Laser Concept Therapy to provide their services to interested employees to help them stop smoking. We recognized the health benefit this could have for our employees directly as well as the overall benefit to our office with respect to decreasing the number of employees who are smokers in terms of reducing employees' smoke breaks and second-hand smoke where smoking is permitted inside and outside our offices. Our staff was very receptive to the program, and results have been excellent.


We have had a fantastic experience with Laser Concept Therapy, they are professional, their willingness to work with us has been great and the results of the therapy have been outstanding.



P. Clyke

V.P., Medipac International Inc.


I visited you on March 18, 2011 smoking 2 packs a day. I haven't smoked a cigarette since I left your house. I have 2 friends who could use your services. One is a cigarette smoker, the other is drug addicted. I know you can help the smoker but would you be willing to service the drug addiction?


Guy P.


I am fantastic. Thanks again for all your help. This was my second time to see you and I don't have the urge to ever smoke again. I still drink my coffee in the morn and some pints at knight and it does not even bother me at all.

Thanks again




Thank you

I am a successful non smoker since your treatment.
The first day was actually a mighty stressful day....until your treatment. The urge was not there for the rest of the day, like I thought it would be.
Thank you again.
I do however need a new bracelet for myself and my mother did not receive a sticker calendar. I will have to phone to arrange to have that picked up next week.
Thank you for your continued support.


T. Wilson


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