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Weight Loss Laser Therapy

Laser therapy when used as a weight loss aid is approximately 80 to 84% successful. Using a soft laser, we stimulate specific trigger & acupuncture points on the ears, face, elbows, wrists & hands. This transmits a message to your brain to increase the production of endorphins. The extra release of endorphins diminishes the cravings for inappropriate and excessive amounts of food. Your appetite is suppressed, so that you feel fuller sooner, We also stimulate your metabolism, increasing it so that you are able to utilize your food as energy rather than storing it as fat. The average weight loss is between 5-8 pounds per month.


Benefits to Laser Therapy for Weight Loss

The benefits of using laser therapy for weight loss are that it is completely painless. Your desire for tempting foods is diminished as well as your appetite. You leave with a general sense of well being. You are very relaxed and motivated at the same time. You initially receive 3 consecutive treatments over a 3-12 week period. Depending on the desire weight loss, further treatments may be required and can be purchased for a nominal fee. Counseling during the therapy includes diet planning, behavior modifications as well as exercise & nutritional advice.

You are not required to stick to a strict diet nor are you asked to eliminate any food groups. Laser therapy is very effective when you are committed to your weight loss. Nothing in life is an easy or "quick" fix.

Together with your commitment and the laser therapy, your goal for a healthier weight is very attainable. The desire to succeed and a positive attitude must come from you.


Benefits to Weight Loss

When you decide to lose weight, you've made the choice to obtain a healthier lifestyle. There are so many benefits to losing weight:

  • Reducing your risk of developing heart disease.
  • Reduced risk of having a stroke.
  • Reduced chance of developing diabetes.
  • Reduced chance of developing weight-related cancers.
  • Reduced chance of developing weight-related respiratory difficulties.
  • Reduced stress on the joints in your knees, hips and back.
  • Increased self-image and improved self esteem.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Etc, etc.......

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